The "GUILD waste and Crafts" is present. In the Middle Ages, the guilds and craft guilds were called, from the Germanic Gelten meaning "value" and the first shoemakers' guild was founded in Trier, Germany in 1104. Theytook care to regulate prices, to perform accurate quality control, working time and the decisions regarding the training of apprentices and skilled workers. Those who wanted to learn the trade of shoemaker had to meetseveral conditions before being elected Master and get the social recognition and the consequent economic protection. This is the story summed up in a few lines. "GUILD waste and Crafts" is another story. A new story! Mybasic rule is to recover, revealing the work of other hands that have worked on the same body but differentpurposes. Based on this principle have the form "naked" assumes a higher value because it has experienced its own waste Guilds and Trades are "hangers" which are hand made with different materials recovery. The history of the shoe, the search for style and preliminary sketches are the initial phase of this work artitistico. Let me clarify:"did not expect a job to be shod, but an idea that makes something good, an idea that gives a new expression of what should be thrown away."